WATER GLASS VILLA stands in the Fujizakura Highland, that is 1000 meters high above the sea level at the foot of Mt.Fuji.

The Villa bridges across the stream, and the water feature mirrors the forest around the villa. The rhythm of nature, such as the flow of swamp, the noise of trees, the birds singing voice, gives us healing and relaxation.

The total area of the building is approximately 3,300 square meters, and there was old stream with no flow of water and a small hill over there.

A small bridge was put on the old stream which leads to the neighbor. It was very impressive and beautiful, so I filled the old stream with water and designed to enjoy the most beautiful scenery by bridging the building.

A semi-outdoor corridor is set up on the hill above the stream and it connects the main building and the outdoor bath. A beautiful woodland spread around the outdoor bath.

Because it is a scenic and spacious villa area, we wanted to make the best use of the surrounding trees on Mt. Fuji and layout the building on the south side, as opposed to common sense, so that our client can enjoy the view in the beautiful southern lights through a wide opening on the north side. 11 meters width of the opening is made to be full open with three sashes with a width of 3.6 m, and we adopted a slender and beautiful design with a width of 16 mm.

This dynamic space is achieved by using the void slab of 50 cm in thickness.

And in order to be comfortable even in winter, airconditioned air is blown out through special wooden slit besides every window, and floor heating and ethanol fireplace are installed.

In the winter, the leaves of the forest fall and you could see Mt. Fuji from the southern side of the living room.

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