Tsinghua Pop-up Shop

The life of the street is ever changing, ever-evolving, always adapting. New opportunities present themselves continuously throughout the day, from season to season, from location to location: tourists, holiday celebrations, convenience shops, magazines, books, knick-knacks, handicrafts, snacks. A small business person needs to see an opportunity, be able to move fast, find a location, set-up shop and start doing business before the opportunity disappears. This is the purpose of a “pop-up” shop.

Pop-up shops are opportunistic, like mushrooms: when the conditions are just right, suddenly they appear. They are mobile, and are easy to transport and assemble on site. They can be packed up in a few minutes. They are distinctive, calling attention to themselves, attracting customers. They are practical and well adapted for selling a particular type of product. They are well designed and a good investment.

This shop was to be designed and made by the team and should be under a budget of 3500 RMB (569 USD or 412 EUR). It was required to be able to be moved anywhere by no more than 2 people. It took the team members 8 weeks to design and make the shops.

The function of this pop-up shop is to sell T-shirts that are packed in soda cans. The basic idea for this shop is to develop a ‘panel system’, so that the shop may have better adaptability and mobility. To achieve that, our panels were designed to fit into 3 possible forms- 2 forms for selling in different kinds of spaces (in plaza or streets) and 1 form for moving the shop. The transformation between these forms is done by switching the relative position of the panels, in this process, our modular system and the flexible hardware system played an important role. The shop could carry more than 200 T-shirts in cans and could be moved and assembled by one single person.

Aluminum beams are chosen for the main structure of this project because of their strength and light weight. We also developed a way of joining panels and aluminum beams. Other materials like polycarbonate, fiber glass and plastics are also used for aesthetic and function reasons.

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