The Dior Chance Residence

The sight of the mystical rustic building, the barn, often reminds one of a simpler life in our American history. Historic barns vary in style, but the common thread they all share is they are built with economy, purpose, efficiency, and common sense.

There were no architects at the time to meticulously craft a custom design.  Rather, the community converged together, pulling resources, working hard towards realizing a common vision.  This practice of barn building was passed on from generation to generation.

Our design approach for this project centered around the ideals of the past, taking into consideration the mountainous site on which it is situated, while incorporating the everyday necessities of the modern American family.

This barn residence is nestled high up on a rich and luscious canyon in its own private oasis with 360 degree views of the ocean, the mountains, and the valleys.  Rather than placing the program into one large building, the modern barn residence features a cluster of buildings which take advantage of the site’s features.  The landscape, the unique views, and the natural light become part of the barn architecture, weaving in and out of the volumes of untraditional barn materials of stone, glass, and metal.

The structure is seamlessly integrated into the natural environment, with a design process that revolved around the idea of celebrating the authentic characteristic of the site conditions, while integrating the historical precedence of the barn form along with the habits and lifestyles of the modern inhabitant.

This modern-day barn is reminiscent of the past, while creating a symbol of our modern society, space, and time.

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