Sevigny-Lisdero Residence

10 Barberry Rd is a house originally designed by Mollo-Christensen in 1953. It is located within the Five Fields Community conceived by the firm The Architects Collaborative (TAC) whom designed several of the houses in the neighborhood.

Simple and fluid layouts, respect and dialogue with the landscape and a level of austerity in the detailing are some of the features evident in the architecture of these houses.

The existing conditions showed evidence of modifications that had been done over time and had slowly deteriorated some of those features.   In spite of the changes, the connection with the landscape remained somewhat intact.

The design searches to recuperate the latent spatial qualities and contribute to the dialogue with the exterior.

Drawing inspiration from artist installations, film and photography, the design searches to bring the landscape further in and open opportunities for a more abstract level of experience in the way spaces relate to each other and the outside.

By strategically enlarging windows and introducing floor to ceiling mirrors, the windows, the views and the occupants duplicate in ways that remind us of scenes from Orson Welles’  “Lady of Shanghai” and the spaces acquire a different, always moving, dimension.

At a pragmatic level, the design fundamentally searches for opening the space and making more continuous unobstructed connections through an almost surgical process.

In addition, there was a fundamental need to reconsider the type and distribution of mechanical services which had seriously compromised the use and quality of the lower level of the dwelling.

The interior material palette is consistent with the simplicity of the house.   There is a deliberate intention of restoring and repairing existing and limiting the introduction of new ones.

Stucco lucido for its clean, free of joints appearance; and Brazilian slate for its durability and performance with radiant heating are some of the new elements introduced.

The implementation of the project will happen in two phases.  Phase one is submitted here.

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