The project RETRO 67 is inspired by the appearance of the oldtown of Beirut. The architects have reinterpreted several elements of the new building’s surrounding environment in aim to communicate its strong relation to the city. To them urbanistical aspects were important to underline the perspectives of a street, in site plan it is made clear that, while designing, they respected the structure of the city and improved it.

A key element is the round corner. In Beirut there are several round buildings that seem to be one of the characteristics for its architecture. The curved façade of RETRO 67 is a reminder of this element but also a solution to solve the unfriendly shape of the plot. A strong design language was created for this concept, that remains very simple and coherent with the studio’s style while reflecting what impressed them the most it about Beirut.

Due to Beirut’s high number of sunshine hours, people all around the city tend to protect their apartments and balconies from direct light and heat, by using one of the oldest man-made sunshades –The Curtains.

The Curtains are one of the essential design elements creating RETRO 67‘s unique identity. They bring in the connection to the local context and tradition but also serve as a light element improving functionality and life quality of the residents. On sunny days, they prevent the building from overheating and during the night they contribute additional layer of privacy to the flats.

The  material palette is very reduced and colors are kept to minimum to maintain the focus on the elegant form and interaction of different facade elements. On the other hand the greenery incorporated into the unique design of RETRO 67 is featured on every terrace integrating flower pots to offer the possibility of growing a vertical garden, which gives the open façade a lively look.

The apartments vary from double-height loft apartments spread on the first six floors of the building al the way to simplex and penthouse apartments on top. They are designed to fit the modern Beirut life-style and customer needs. The interior design follows the exterior of the building, by mixing traditional elements with modern industrial and Mediterranean flare.

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