Langham Place, Guangzhou 

Langham Place, Guangzhou, sitting on top of Guangzhou Nanfung International Convention and Exhibition Centre, a traditional, multi-floor exhibition center in the podium, is a 500-room five-star hotel. Together with Guangzhou Commercial Showcase Complex, they form the Nanfung Commercial, Hospitality and Exhibition Complex occupying two plots of land.

The design of Langham Place, Guangzhou/Guangzhou Nanfung International Convention and Exhibition Centre and its sister building is a direct result and manifestation of an interesting and unique mix of relationships both internally as well as contextually. As a mixed-use project, the challenge to allow different programmes working together in a supportive, co-dependent manner is an exciting design opportunity.

The fact that the two buildings are separated 160 metres apart by a third independent building on two sites makes it not only an exciting design opportunity but a titillating and indefinable challenge which begs to be expressed in built form. The horizontal elements were accentuated through shifts: both small ones towards north/south, and larger ones towards east and west, maximising the dialogue between the two buildings and leaping over the middle neighbour to provide a dynamic, unified and powerful expression of this exhibition complex.

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