C&P Corporate Headquarters

A real estate company’s corporate headquarters, located at the city’s highest traffic entrance, brings clarity and conciseness to an industrial transition area as a new landmark in this emerging district. The projects main ambition was to create an authentic example of “Build Identity” within the context of a seven story building, incorporating the client’s logo icon throughout the building elevation.

The project name, CUBEND, translates firm values by unifying the words “cube” relating to wholeness and persistence, plus “bend” standing for movement and dynamics. Organized as a cube, divided by a curved atrium across all floors, the building consists of a glass dominated core within a floating concrete structure. The multilayered facade contains three functional and structural elements.

The white concrete outer grid integrates an automatic sun shading system that adjusts with building usage, time, seasons and surroundings. The facade’s second part, a porch-like area, serves people as a transition space between in and outdoors. A third, transparent layer allows natural light access to fragmented office space formations around an elongated atrium. The interior responds to the “New Work” concept and biophilic aspects, with communal zones, working, and retreat areas organized around the void connecting vertically all floors. This energy efficient, activity based, and identity-enhancing building reveals visibly on its surface the interaction between people, space, and technology.

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