Chennai Airport

The wings of a bird in flight inspire and shape this very mammoth terminal building, whose sheer scale and size awes the onlooker.  The two wings evolve as structural portals and culminate into a system of roof, shading Asia’s one of the greenest airport. With a total site area of 100 acres, the terminal buildings, with elegant 300 m twin wing-like hovering roofs on both sides provide complete shade to the south facing elevation and protect the departing passengers from heat gains.

Think Green: Bringing lush green landscape to upper levels

Beautifully tied up with vertical landscaping, the terminal airport seamlessly blurs boundaries between inside and outside. Arriving through the majestic glass tube, instantly releases the travel fatigue as one is visually treated to the lush vertical gardens.  With a layer of glazing all around and surrounding greens, the passengers are offered views to the green. The building is designed around two green courtyards termed as the central green spine. The two wings are connected by an elliptical glass tube which is positioned amidst the vertical greens giving the visitor an experience of walking among the greens. The landscape is dotted with vertical gardens and lush planting strips with interspersed reflection pools and local palm groves. Vertical gardens consist of stainless steel structure lattices providing support for hanging plants including colorful vegetation such as orchids.

The domestic and international terminals are not just engineering marvels but synergized an organic form which is a beautiful combination of architecture and engineering.

Design Features

Adorned in plenty of architectural elements, it is these distinct elements that give the Chennai Airport its grandeur.

Thinnest Flyover: Taking forward the V-column, to support the thinnest flyover (spanning 1.2Km), creates directly visibility from the city side. Not compromising on the visual impact of the terminal on the passengers, the flyover lets the glass terminal charm travels in style. The Thin flyover has a box frame that spans 14 meters resting on T beams, which are not only 400 mm thick but are also hollow from inside. The structural marvel not only saves more than 25% concrete but has also successfully implemented new technology of steam curing in India.

Elliptical Bridge: The Elliptical Bridge or the arrival tube connects the landside with the airside operations through the Central courtyard. The elliptical glass tube makes up for a futuristic impression, amidst the beautifully landscaped garden and thus strengthening the alliance between man and nature.

The Connecting Tube: An 800M long glass tube connects all the existing and the proposed terminals. 24 no. travellators of 1000mm width are provided for movement of passengers from one terminal to another.

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