Angolar Market

This project is proposal for the marketplace at Sapu area in Luanda, Angola as part of a social contribution. The goal of this project is to be a public space for low-income people in Luanda, Angola, as a social interaction that responds to the community in a sustainable way beyond the commercial market to the community. The most challenging task of this project was to form a social community in the local environment with an extremely low budget.

In addition, the project site is located in sub-urban area and accessibility in this area is low; poor infrastructure and public transportation. Solar panels installed on the south-facing roof are self-sustaining system to overcome poor infrastructure. Three main market corridors are planned to be in the east-west direction in order to maximize to obtain solar energy.

The second market corridor is planned to connect major corridors along the south site boundary and creates an outdoor interactive space between the corridors. In addition, the lack of clean water is a major problem in Angola. The roof drainage system supplies rainwater to the pond for storage.

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